"Two Hearts Beating As One"

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wabi Sabi

You know the saying "This too shall pass" well can I say that I know it will pass and I know I will get over it or work through it and I know I will be okay but it sure does hurt while it passes!

But I learned tonight that you should take a new perspective and see the beauty in the situtation even when it is a bad one.

So the beauty is that I have some AWESOME friends who I can lean on, and AWESOME husband who has been my rock.

The beauty is that I cried and my make-up stayed in place.

The beauty is that I am getting stronger in this!

Stormy Day Goes By
Tears as Rain Drops Fall Down Down
Relationships End
Amanda Moore

 Sunshine Brightens Day
The Rock Is Frim At My Side
Cold But Warm Within
Amanda Moore

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